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  • Admission Policy

    MAS Admission Policy

    MAS welcomes all students of all abilities, nationalities and religions who are likely to benefit from our academic program and focus on personal and social development. We are proud of our visible commitment to special needs students.

    Applications for admission are accepted at all times during the school year.  Applications are completed in person or the application form can be completed online. If there are no seats available then the application is placed onto the school’s waiting list.

    Requirements for Admission

    • For KG and Lower Primary, grade-level placement is determined by the child’s age by December of that year.
      By December 1:
      K1 must be 4 years of age
      K2 must be 5 years of age
      Grade 1 must be 6 years of age
      Grade 2 must be 7 years of age
    • Completed admission forms.
    • Two clear photocopies of the student’s passport / mother’s passport if the child’s name is on mother’s passport. (passport should be valid for minimum 6 months)
    • Two copies of the Residence Visa valid for minimum 6 months.
    • Two copies of valid Emirates ID for student and parents.
    • Two copies of the student’s Birth Certificate.
    • Four passport-size photographs of the student.
    • Photocopy of the Student’s Vaccination Record.
    • For Grades 1 to 8: Student report cards/records of previous 2 years

    Admission Process

    All applicants will undergo assessment with an admissions officer.
    Students applying to KG will be given an oral exam in English and Arabic.
    All students will conduct face to face interviews with the School Principal.
    Parents will be requested for a parent interview with the School Principal.

    Responding to parents after receiving the application immediate
    Receiving test results from admissions/teachers 1-5 working days
    Communicating the outcome to parents 1-5 working days

    Please note from K2-Grade 8, grade-level placement depends on the child’s current curriculum and grade level, and academic ability within their grade level.

    All applications from K1 onwards will be expected to demonstrate an acceptable level of fluency in English to be eligible for admission. During the intake process, should language proficiency appear to be an issue, the applicant will be given recommendations and the opportunity to return for a reassessment of language growth after an agreed upon amount of time.

    MAS understands that some students will not be able to demonstrate a grade-level mastery of the English language. An assessment of the applicants’ level of fluency in English may result in recommendations for the applicant to partake in intensive external language proficiency programs to be eligible for reassessment and admission or the applicant may be enrolled in the school’s EAL program.