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    A support staff of 10. A specialist team of school psychologist, disciplinarian , reading specialist, computer coordinator and specialized activity teachers dedicated to the well-fare of students offering genuine care and motivating them to learn. The majority are certified teachers holding graduate degrees with long term commitment to the school.

    Considerable emphasis in orienting and training new staff coupled with a daily / weekly follow-through training plan during the academic year to insure smooth adjustment and conformity to the school system, where education becomes more important and more interesting enabling the new teachers to contribute to the formula of quality educational services. In addition to proper staff certification, knowledge and extensive training program, the school will only enroll energetic, kind, and dedicated teachers who possess personal style, while considers boring personalities to be lacking the means to inspire and challenge the minds of students. Central to the school administration lies the conviction that there is a delicate balance between resourceful charismatic and well adapted teachers. Such teachers have a direct relationship to the quality of the school. Becoming public knowledge, the talent search of this nature goes on.

    • Hands-on, Minds-on: Activities to extend the language of Math & Science.
    • Enjoy Success in the English Language.
    • Classroom Development.
    • Self regulates learning.
    • Sense of numbers.
    • ICT across the curriculum.
    • Science in Early Years.
    • Teaching through art facts.
    • Teaching through topic.
    • Techniques to produce classroom material.
    • Treasures in English.
    • Hands on Math.
    • Hands on Science.
    • Prioritizing Basic Skills.
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
    • What really works in Special and Inclusive Education.