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    Principal’s Message

    Welcome to Mirdif American School, an American-based curriculum catering to children from KG1 through Grade8. Since its foundation in 1995, MAS aims to be recognized as one of the premier schools in U.A.E offering students quality education. The school aims to create a society of students dedicated to the love of learning and maintaining this throughout their lives.

    As a parent I’m quite aware of the challenges faced by many parents in selecting a good school that provides specialized care and balanced education for their children. As a principal I’m in constant search for the causes that further the school’s successes, allowing it to maintain its status and to continue to flourish. Such challenges played a major role in setting a high standard for quality education offered by the school.

    At MAS we believe in educating for a lifetime. In addition to acquiring the universal academic skills, the school embraces a mix of the different teaching methodologies where the curriculum and activities emphasize a well-rounded approach that reflects our in-depth understanding of the child’s needs and personality.

    The school  relocated to its newly purpose-built campus in September’09, with outstanding well equipped facilities. All resources and facilities have been put into use by professionally trained staff, together with our academic program yet warm school environment; students have the opportunity to develop as they progress in their pathway to learning, preparing them for adult life.

    A look at today’s youth and children makes us see how they live in a fast – paced, changing world where social and technology pressures push them to grow up too fast. I believe that our role as educators is to redefine such pressures so that the essence of childhood is kept intact. Through our available resources and programs that address the intellect and emotions, children learn to recognize and control such influences and develop a perspective on the significant things in life. The school faculty works hard as a team nurturing the students’ capabilities and combination of intelligences. Our emphasis not only lies in developing linguistic and scientific abilities, but creative and physical skills as well. Strengths and talents in other areas like sports, drama, music and art are greatly encouraged, providing a sense of adventure and challenge which children enjoy. The school is committed to and conducts special programs like Nature Appreciation, Character Development, Articulate Communication and Social Skills Training with emphasis on courtesy and etiquette. It is here where the classical values of integrity, respect and politeness are witnessed, governing our everyday interactions  where adults and students show thought and respect for each other at all times. The school as well exposes children to experiences that teach taste acquisition and the development of style.

    Due to the fact that children need to feel competent, it is our responsibility to develop in them all the factors underlying their success in academics as well as in their personal lives. At MAS students realize and accept the fact that much of what happens to them is a direct result of their own initiative and effort, taking responsibility  for  their own actions. As a result students not only examine text passages but learn to examine their lives as well and are actively involved in the hardest task in the world : to think and to plan for self-improvement. Since one of our main objectives is nurturing in students the abilities to think and learn by themselves, making mental connections becomes our most crucial learning tool : the essence of human intelligence to become adept at solving problems. For the school to produce such a caliber of students, sitting in the classroom quietly, paying attention to the teacher and memorizing facts is not designed to bring out the desired qualities, but instead discovery learning opportunities that very much characterize the vibrant nature of this experimental-based and progressive school are emphasized.

    At Mirdif, change is the end result of true learning at two levels: the student and the school.

    It is here where the school is distinguished by its constant creation of educational forms, interesting ideas and unique opportunities that keep its system alive, adaptable and on the move, preaching novelty and individuality at all levels, yet at the same time clinging deeply to tradition and preserving the essence of the past.

    To materialize such diverse methodology which is based on our unique educational philosophy, and maintain its active momentum, there is no substitute to strategizing, meticulous planning, setting our goals and reaching  them.

    Thank you for your interest in Mirdif American School. We look forward to working with your child to cultivate an appreciation of the past, its influence on the present and to bring out a sense of responsibility for the future. Such concern can be reached only with a worthy investment process in time and effort from both sides : the school and the home. In addition to the role of the home being traditionally known, what would be the role of a school, and what would be our duty as educators if not to inspire an enchanting mind, develop a captivating personality and offer an education that lingers on to last for a life-time.

    The school is run by the principal who sets the long term goals of the school and devises strategies for attaining them. To achieve the common goal of the school, insuring not only the implementation of daily managerial procedures as well as  school policies but providing supervisory support and actively participating in the decision-making and leadership process. This results in a daily working environment characterized by open communication, shared decision-making, shared accountability and professional improvement.

    Randa Hani Ghandour

    School Founder – Principal

    B.A – Sociology -Lebanon
    Teaching Diploma – Science – Lebanon
    M.A – Open Education – USA
    M.A – Educational Leadership – USA
    TESOL Diploma – UK