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  • Islamic Department

    Islamic Department

    Islamic Education A and B :

    • The school follows the curriculum of the Ministry of Education in teaching Islamic Education, along with the objectives of the general framework of curriculum standards for 2017,that also issued by the Ministry of Education, whether for native speakers or non-native speakers, starting from grade one to grade eight.
    • Teachers focus on supporting the skills of reading and understanding what is read through the continuous daily and weekly use of the (I Read Arabic) website, whether for native or non-native speakers.
    • Teachers count on clear assessment mechanisms for all branches of the subject, such as: recitation, memorizing the prescribed verses, memorizing hadiths and understanding topics, through semi-monthly, semi-term and end-of-semester assessments, in addition to the quarterly project submitted by the student as part of the practical evaluation of performance.
    • In Islamic Education Department, we are keen to present Qur’an and Hadith competitions and revive religious occasions, which contributes positively to raising the academic level of students.
    • Teachers focus mainly on building a value and moral system that contributes to building a moderate Muslim personality that preserves its identity, belongs to its homeland, and coexists with everyone.