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  • Our Strengths

    Our Strengths

    Strong links, daily communication and accessibility
    of the administration to parents.
    • Purposeful style of leadership by the school principal characterized by active involvement in the school’s work, teachers’ work and students’ work.
    • Involvement of faculty, administrators and students in school planning, decision- making and policy issues.
    • Employment of guidelines, policies and strategies resulting in a higher level of organization, and consistency among teachers in all aspects of the school’s work while at the same time ensuring freedom and creativity within this specified structure.
    • Maximum communication amongst teachers, students and administration.
    • Professional development and ongoing program of workshops and training sessions for improving self performance and keeping up-to-date with new educational techniques.
    • Strong links, daily communication and accessibility of the administration to parents.
    • Worthwhile involvement of parents and the community in the Educational Program – and Student’s  Activity Program building a broad base of support and benefits.
    • An established, balanced American curriculum that caters to student’s needs, in addition to the Ministry of Education curriculum.
    • Academic monitoring for keeping a constant check on student’s performance and behavior through careful analysis and discussions of observations and grade findings.
    • Accurate updated record – keeping to document observations and findings, academic and social, identifying areas of weaknesses and implementing action plans for overcoming them so that learning problems are diagnosed and treated early.
    • Application of Interactive Learning and Mastery Learning techniques.
    • Implementation of programs that meet the needs of individual students.
      i) Remedial Program.
      ii) Reading Program.
      iii) Talented and Gifted Program.
    • Intellectual empowerment where teaching shifts from learning to thinking using criteria such as communication – inquiry – reading, listening and comprehension reasoning – noting relationships – debating – evaluating and offering solutions.
    • Character Education and Personality Development through nurturing student capabilities and exposure to global humane values and spiritual awareness.
    • Collective student identity and a supportive environment for adolescent culture.
    • Industrious, healthy and competitive working environment where growth and achievement are noticeable at all levels.
    • Outstanding facilities with high standard modern equipment including technological tools, ensuring the educational philosophy and school objectives are being met for 21.
    • Positive school climate, with a positive ethos around the school, amongst staff and within the classroom is an important aspect of Mirdif American School effectiveness.