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  • Guidance and Counseling

    Guidance and Counseling

    Counseling techniques employed by the school principal personally and administrators in charge of students behaviors and discipline result in an effective and successful student guidance program. Our individual counseling together with group guidance using constructive, humane approaches and follow up guarantee behavior modification and marked improvement in students behavior. This allows students to learn in calm organized surroundings conducive to learning resulting clearly in acquisition of skills and efficient use of learning time.

    Thinking Course:

    A specialist Thinking Course teaches different types of thinking in a formal structure using scientific tools:

    • Constructive thinking
    • Alternative thinking
    • Operational thinking
    • Creative thinking


    Personality Development Program:

    • Helps students develop their individuality while their emerging personality is being shaped socially and emotionally.
    • Improving self-confidence and self-esteem.
    • Understanding personal needs, preferences and daily life experiences.
    • Helping students learn how to think, feel and act while responding to the world